A Job Done Well Is a Job Done With Pride.

Here are some kind words from a few of our customer's


Rev. Fr. Steven A. Scarcia, D.Min. Emmanuel Episcopal Church
588 Albany Street
P.O. Box 592
Little Falls, New York 13365

December, 2010

Dear Chris,

   I am writing this letter, on behalf of the Wardens. Congregation and Rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Little Fails. New York.. Our Parish Church is an 1830s stone building which was in need of repair due to leaking at the steeple. roofing, stone work as well as work to be done on thc soffits. and painting etc. We had originally envisioned the work to be done in 3 stages; steeplc & repairs, soffit work and painting.

  When you were contacted by members of the congregation, you came out to inspect the work to be done. Unlike other contractors whom we contacted who surveyed “the job” from their trucks, you climbed. inspected, went out on the roof, inspected the stone work and examined the soffits on the entire building. When you met with the Vestry/Building Committee, you provided us with examples of the new regulations for the State of New York, including the new safeguards due to lead paint removal, protective clothing for your employees, techniques you would use and the quality product you would use to seal, paint, cement as well as the materials you would use on the appropriate parts of the Church building.

In addition, you provided for us a fair proposal and a reasonable price in your estimate of the project. To say the least. “you gave us an offer that we coutdn‘t refuse!”

You started the work when you promised and your employees were always courteous and hard working. We would also have some parishioners who would stop and “check on” the progress you were making on the project. One couple commented that your employees were very busy doing their work. moving up and down the ladders and hanging from heights — and not miss a beat. Their work progress went along professionally, quickly, thoroughly and as promised. The only thing that hindered them on a couple of occasions was the weather. Yet somehow, they managed to still get some of the work done.

You completed the project as promised and within the budget. Your work not only met but exceeded our expectations. Members of the Congregations were not only impressed by the speed of your work but also by its quality. We heartily commend you and your work crew for a “Job Well Done!” We would not hesitate to pass along our complete satisfaction at your work and would recommend you highly! Don’t go too far away - we have more jobs down the road for you to do. Thanks for an excellent job Chris!


The Rev. Fr. Steven A. Scarcia, D. Min, Rector

Portobello Inn

Portobello Inn Bed & Breakfast 5989 State Route 5
P0 Box 169
Herkimer, New York
Phone: (315) 823-8612 - cFax (315) 823-9376
Wefisite: www.portobelloinn.com - EmaiL stay@portobelloinn.com

Dear Chris,

  I am writing this letter on your behalf (Christopher Marlowe, General Contractor), to share with others our satisfaction with your work. It was after the fine work you did at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Little Falls that we contacted you concerning a project here at Portobello Inn. Steve, one of my business partners had first hand knowledge of the work you did at the Church and he was indeed impressed.

   We had contracted with you to insulate every nook and cranny of the Inn; from the basement to the attic. When you came for an inspection of the property & prepared the estimate, you did a thorough job. When your work crew arrived, they were very professional and went about the work in a timely and careful manner. We were also impressed with the way your crew worked on the project and the way they performed their job. We especially appreciated the professional way in which they policed the area, by cleaning and ensuring that it was left well maintained.

   One important thing that we appreciated was the many “options” you provided us and the ways in which we could approach the job as a whole. You also shared with us the various additional needs that we should consider as well as some unexpected or unforeseen problems which might occur when insulating an old 1840s home. This helped us to consider not only the entire project, but also the possibility of additional work which we might have to consider.

   When all was said and done, the project went without a hitch. You provided for us both a comprehensive set of items for us to consider in the insulating project and bottom line, you provided us a very reasonable price for doing the work.

Chris, we were very satisfied with your work and we would not hesitate to recommend you and your construction company to others. We would also like to have you back for future work which is on tap here at Portobello Inn. Great Job Chris and thanks!


Roland S. Randall, Innkeeper

July 29, 2010

Dear Christopher,
I want to thank you for the excellent work you completed regarding the roof replacement at our home in Herkimer.

I have dealt with many contractors in both my personal and professional life and I consider you to be one of the best. It is obvious that you take great pride in all that you do.

You have an excellent rating at the BBB. Your pricing is reasonable. You answer your phone whenever possible and promptly return messages. You accomplish the work in a timely fashion and keep the homeowner advised as to the progress. The work is completed in a professional manner and a final clean is done well.

Thank you for a job well done and I look forward to working again with you again as we identify other home improvement projects.

David N. Klossner

Christopher Marlowe,

Six years ago my husband and I decided to put an addition on our house. We called 4 contractors for estimates. One never got back to me. Another came in with the same estimate Chris gave me but had much less experience than Chris. One got back to me three months later.

Chris scheduled an appointment with me for a Saturday morning at 10. I was working. Chris showed up at my house on time and discussed the project with our specifications with my husband then proceeded to sit at our table and give us a bid. My husband called me at work and told me. I told him to call Chris back and give him our specifications for another addition on the opposite side of the house. The next morning Chris returned and gave us another estimate. We signed papers and Chris brought us proof of insurance. He told us when e would start the project in he spring.

Spring came as did the starting date. Chris called that day to say he needed to finish a project and would call us before the week was out. Four days later he started the project. Our additions were challenging as we have underground springs all around our house, changing our plans from a dug foundation to pylons.

Our additions are lovely. We love to show off our house. Everyone is astounded. Chris told me that our kitchen addition is called a "French sunroom" as it has mostly glass windows on three sides and is a step down from the original kitchen (also vaulted ceiling). The living room addition has two sides that are mostly windows. One side has a soapstone gas stove with bookcases. The forth side attaches to the house with a doorway. The only extra cost incurred was a second deck attached (and a step down) to the existing deck that we decided to add to the original project.

Barbara and John Wainwright

February 6. 2011

Christopher Marlowe

RE: Recommendation

It has come to the realization of my husband, David and I, that NO bathroom restoration can be done better by anyone, than by, Christopher Marlowe and crew. Chris and crew are professional, courteous, trustworthy and knowledgeable in their craft.
From stail to finish, they give their attention to every minor detail, engaging the homeowner for their input, making sure, you the customer, are happy. We gave Chris free range and told him to, “Have at it”. He picked out everything from cabinets, fixtures, tub, doors, paint, etc.. . and he and crew went at it. They took out the old and put in the new, re—routed some plumbing and all the while put up with a nosey ole dog, (which they treated very kindly).
What a job he did!! I just love my new bathroom. Chris has an eye for matching decor. Everything matches so well. He chose all oak, with a nice warm beige wall on white!! The floor matches perfectly! We couldn’t be more happy with our choice of Christopher Marlowe. so don’t hesitate to hire him on as your contractor. As a matter of fact, Chris will be returning to do further work for us. A better recommendation can not be found.


David & Mary Ellen Letendre
Richfield Springs. NY

Dear Christopher Marlowe,

We would like to express our appreciation of the tine job you did with our kitchen. The project was started on time and completed in a matter of seven days which was amazing. Your estimate you provided was exactly what you said which we have never encountered before. The site was left clean and all the waste materials were removed. We would have no hesitation in recommending you for other work.

Sincerely, Mary and Andrew Harris


Dear Christopher Marlowe,

 I wanted a new kitchen done well in a timely manner. Christopher Marlowe's ad was in the paper. I called Chris who was available and came the next day. I agreed on the contract. The Kitchen was totally gutted, rewired, sheet rocked & completed in 1 week. It was like the TV program "Extreme Make Over".

All the men were professional and competent. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Karen S. Drimonte Little Falls, NY

Dear Chris,

 I would like to thank you and your entire crew for all the hard work you do! I called Chris and left a message. He called me back the next day. He cam the same day and gave me an estimate for an 8 by 16 porch. His price was very fair and reasonable. We had a whole new porch with a roof installed in just three says. Amazing! The crew even worked in the rain. They also had to deal with my two year old son yelling at them out the window the whole time they were there. They were very professional and courteous. I will definitely call Chriss again for any Home Improvement or repairs. I will gladly recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you again for the wonderful front porch. My family and i will be enjoying it for many years!


Mike Lowell Ilion, NY

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